At ADV, we care about our clients;

that is why we offer different services for the sole purpose of adapting to your needs.

Our aim is to provide solutions that optimize your operation, either for the introduction or extraction of goods to the country.


Legal Advice:

Our legal department is trained and updated in foreign trade matters with topics such as LIGIE, Foreign Trade Law, Customs Law, General Foreign Trade Rules, International Treaties, Federal Laws, Decrees and Regulations.


Tariff Classification:

 Our team will support you in the correct classification of your merchandise. We offer you advice on: Tariff Rates, Harmonized System, The Sixth Amendment and Commercial Identification Number (NICO).

Non-Tariff Regulations and Restrictions

Official Mexican Standards, Advice on compliance with Health Permits, SAGARPA, SHCP, SEMARNAT, SEDENA, Labeling, among others.


The correct design to optimize times and costs in the import or export process.


Advice on the Supply Chain:

We provide the correct advice so that your merchandise arrives in a timely manner, from the factory to the consumer.

Warehouse in Laredo, TX:

 It is an Ideal complement for your imports or exports between Mexico and the United States.


American Customs Agent:

We have the legal permission to clear merchandise for export and import from the United States


  • Project Cargo
  • Oversized Cargo
  • Containerized Cargo
  • Loose Cargo
  • Bulk Cargo

At ADV Logistics:

We offer the best quality in the logistics services required by our clients, thanks to the collaboration of our specialized personnel.

We focus in optimizing the investments and help achieve successful international business with land, sea and air operations.

Why us?

The best option for customs and logistics solutions. Exceptional service to each one of our clients, the purpose is to create long term relations.


Multi-traffic, multi- license ERP.
Web site linked in real time with our database.
Operations status supervision.
Automated notifications.
Redundant internet link on every branch office.
High availability internet access in main office.

Work Ethic

Speed, honesty, legality and efficiency that leads us into continuous improvement, combined with our committed personnel and an efficient platform.


Our certifications guarantee the highest quality standards.